BPMD veröffentlichen weiteren Song

Das US-Projekt BPMD haut mit „We’re An American Band“ den bereits dritten Song ihres kommenden Albums „American Made“ raus.

Erscheinen wird „American Made“, welches als eine „Hommage an die größten Schätze der Rockmusik“ verstanden werden möchte, am 12. Juni 2020 via Napalm Records.

BPMD-Bassist Mark Menghi äußerte sich zum anstehenden Release wie folgt: “We’re super excited about our first BPMD record. Last summer, I was inspired and came up with this crazy idea and here we are, not even a year later, and it’ll see the light of day in these very trying times. The planet needs something to feel good about, and I 100% whole-heartedly believe these tunes will do the trick. Buckle up and make way for BPMD…”

Sänger Bobby „Blitz“ Ellsworth ergänzte: “The BPMD sessions were very fun. They took us all back to our roots and even pre-roots. As it developed, we all realized it was something special, as did Napalm Records, with one listen!” (ds)

Updated: 11. Juni 2020 — 19:46

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